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Value Engineering

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

value engineering in construction

Although the term "value engineering" is commonly used, it is not always understood or used correctly. It doesn't require a design review procedure or cost-cutting at the expense of the project's integrity and quality. Value engineering is optimally implemented when all stakeholders work together to achieve a project at the lowest cost without sacrificing the quality of the design. The MEP plan is being redesigned by our own team to improve efficiency and save costs. We put a lot of emphasis on hangers' precise spacing and location to support the most weight while minimising costs.

Value engineering in construction is most frequently done after the design process is finished, although it is best done in advance to give the specialists time to consider the use of different materials and techniques.. Our value engineering in construction services takes into account the cost expectations and feature demands of the new market while adhering to legal standards. Value engineering is a systematic procedure for raising a product's value that is produced as part of a project.

It is employed to assess a service, system, or product in order to select the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage its essential functions. Value engineering encourages the use of less expensive, substitute methods and materials without compromising the effectiveness of the system, service, or product.

Most value engineering initiatives opt for a team approach, where subject matter experts interact, in order to apply the value methodology. We provide our clients more time to focus on their main production activities by helping them create component and feature libraries. We offer guidelines for maintaining libraries as well as the ideal setup for your existing collections. Our team can provide several iterations of your models, library elements, and settings. At InkLLC, we offer services for product localization, cost-effective sourcing, and supplier integration that effectively satisfy the objectives of our clients.

During the information phase, the project's objectives are refined and project information is gathered with our construction services experts. A decision is made on the project's priorities and prospective development areas after data has been collected and analysed. The elements that must be managed are broken down into the potential problems' component pieces. The team must choose the methods it will use to monitor the project's progress throughout this phase.

construction design

Value engineering projects, on the other hand, focus on already-available items. Expertise in VA/VE is familiar with your industry and collaborates with you to convert your goods and value engineering services via a methodical and individualised plan that raises the value of your business.

Business Obstacles

Accept innovation at a reduced cost.

Make customers more devoted

Product improvement through value creation

Product performance improvement at a lower cost than before

It entails analysing and improving a current product with the intention of reducing costs, enhancing usefulness, or doing both. Value analysis refers to a set of techniques where a product is evaluated in terms of its price, features, substitute components, and present design. InkLLC Value Engineering Company, a leader in value analysis, works with you to discover the best possible equilibrium between cost, quality, safety, and resources in order to maximise value for you. Any level of product lifecycle management may use our VA/VE. Give us a call and let’s connect to know everything about our value engineering projects in detail.

Engineering Design Optimization

InkLLC provides engineering design optimization services of the highest calibre. Your product design will be improved by our expertise, providing you a competitive advantage. To find design defects, lower performance risk, and enhance product efficacy, we use 3D modelling, simulation, and analysis.

We employ the most up-to-date approaches and technologies to improve the product design in terms of weight reduction as well as cost reduction. Modern engineering analysis techniques are used to validate and verify all the product designs. There aren't many chances for design failures since they are validated within the early phases of the design process, saving time and money.

Engineering Design Optimization

InkLLC employs the modular design method, which lowers engineering complexity and improves interchangeability, for your products. Additionally, this strategy leads to a decrease in manufacturing component diversity and a lower rate of production faults.


Our team also assesses possible design risks and ensures that difficult jobs are completed successfully, lowering production costs in the process.
Part/Feature Library & Configurator

Part/Feature Library & Configurator

By assisting our clients with the creation of parts and feature libraries, we free up their time so they can concentrate on their primary production tasks. We provide best practises and methods for managing libraries and provide the optimal configuration for your current libraries.

Integration of Suppliers, Localization, and Low-Cost Sourcing

Integration of Suppliers, Localization, and Low-Cost Sourcing

At InkLLC, we provide services for supplier integration, low-cost sourcing, and product localization that successfully meet the needs of our customers. Our value engineering services take into account the cost expectations and feature demands of the new market while adhering to legal standards.